Why WordPress is the best CMS

WordPress by far remains the most well known blogging platform in the web today. Businesses of all shapes and sizes trust WordPress for their website needs. There are such a variety of blogging platforms for you to choose from, however it has been said that there is only and one best choice and that is WordPress. There are a lot of reasons in respect to why this platform has crushed others and has stood the test of time – just becoming stronger as the days pass. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that have made this happen:

It’s Free and Easy to Use

Since WordPress is open source software, it’s totally free to use. Most of the other CMS platforms accessible are either bad in what they offer or charge users a fee. The only cost that is inherent in using WordPress is that you will need to buy a domain name for your Website or blog to make it completely your own.

Publishing content has never been easy with WordPress. It is equipped with publishing tools that are very easy to use and extremely natural. The control panel of WordPress is exceptionally simple. You login, click a couple buttons, begin writing and after that click another button in your post is prepared to be read by the world.

Boundless Themes & Plug-ins

You can customize your design accordingly and such changing the site’s theme and overall look and feel. The possibilities to design are endless in WordPress. WordPress has large number of cool plugins as well. Obviously a majority of them are premium plugins and you’d need to buy in order to use them. But, there are quite a few stunning plugins available for no cost at all.

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is designed with SEO in mind that’s why most of the businesses choose WordPress over others. WordPress sites are SEO optimized and therefore search engines love them.

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