Mobile Application Development benefits for your business

Mobile Application Development is the hottest trend in Tech Market and with the increase in the number of mobile devices each day this market is expanding at a rate never seen before. Every day new possibilities are coming up and with advanced features in the pocket, fewer people are using laptops and desktops.

Mobile Applications are easy to use as compared to websites and needless to say more secure as well. Remembering those long passwords for websites was a bad dream for people while using office/public computers and with no need of remembering those long passwords is making everyone habitual to mobile apps. Advanced security features of mobile devices combined with new updates of mobile apps are making the internet safer than ever before.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application development in India has seen massive expansion since 2010 with the entrance of some huge e-commerce players introducing their Mobile Applications for e-commerce platforms. Indian government demonetization move has provided a huge boost to Mobile Application development in India for E-transactions and similarly in other countries like USA, UK, Australia, Germany and France.

Although there are many different platforms available the two most popular platforms for Mobile application development are

IOS Mobile Application development

IOS Mobile applications are built for Apple Devices and it is the second largest platform and has about 30% market share globally. IOS Mobile Application is comparatively lighter on speed and most apple users are high-end users. This is one of the most important platforms to look for enterprise business and funded startups.

Android Mobile Application development

Android Mobile Applications are built for Android Devices and is the largest platform and has about 69% market share globally. Android Applications have great features and are most widely used in developing countries like India and other South Asian as well as European countries.